Looking for German Classes in Richmond, VA? 

Have you wanted to learn German for a while and are finally ready to get serious?

Or perhaps you’ve started learning German with Duolingo, Rosetta stone, etc., but find they’re not teaching you the ‘bigger picture’ of how German actually works.

Sometimes even finding a good German class locally can be challenging, though.

So, I created two resources to help guide you:

  1. Below I listed ALL the German learning options in the Richmond area.
  2. I created a FREE training for you entitled: ‘How to Actually Learn German and Avoid Wasting Years Trying’. ( ➡️ Click here to access)

German language classes:

Of the three organizations in the Richmond area that teach languages to adult learners, only one offers German:

Lifelong Learning Institute

The LLI offers MANY classes for adults with one being ‘Conversational German’. 

NOTE: This class does have a prerequisite of having several years of German experience at minimum as it is an intermediate level conversationally focused class.

More details here
Phone: (804) 378-2527
Address: 13801 Westfield Rd, Midlothian, VA 23113

German in a college setting: 

The University of Richmond

The University of Richmond has a large German department offering both a major and minor in German. 

They also have an established study abroad program. Students considering a major or minor in German studies may spend up to a year at one of the University of Richmond’s partner universities in Germany including, Universität Konstanz, the Universität Mannheim and the Universität Münster in Germany.

Click here for their German Department
Phone: (804) 289-8000
Address: 410 Westhampton Way, Richmond, VA 23173

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University offers both a major and minor in German. Their classes focus on the German language as well as a variety of different topics from German business to culture and history.

Of particular interest to STEM students, they will help connect you with post-graduate and research opportunities with Germany and Austria’s advanced degree offerings. 

Click here for their German Department
Phone: (804) 828-0100
Address: 907 Floyd Ave, Richmond, VA 23284


Other learning options:

Private German lessons: 

I’m not aware of anyone teaching privately in the Richmond area. You may be able to find one through various nation-wide platforms but those can be hit or miss.

German Clubs & Meetups:

Deutscher Sport Club / Richmond Oktoberfest / Gesangverein Virginia

They go by three different names (which is a little confusing) but this is the biggest German club in the city of Richmond.

Their annual Oktoberfest event is claimed as “the most authentic German folk fest in Virginia”. 

Facebook page
Phone: (804) 342-0310
Address: Oktoberfest of Richmond, Inc., P.O. Box 37472, Richmond, VA 23234

Don’t forget other ways to experience German culture in Richmond: FOOD 😇

Cafe Rustika

Their menu is VERY German. Pork and veal schnitzel with various seasoning. Bratwurst. Spätzle. Frikadellen. YUM. Oh and don’t forget the German beer. Click here to see their menu.

Phone: (804) 225-8811
Location: 414 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219

Metzger Bar and Butchery

Not nearly as German as Cafe Rustika. They have a few German-esque plates so you’d really only want to go hear for upscale dining with a German flare.

Phone: (804) 325-3147
Location: 801 N 23rd St, Richmond, VA 23223

The Hof Garden

Craving a fun atmosphere with a German feel? The Hof Garden definitely has brought some great aspects of the classic biergarten to Richmond (without an emphasis on the German food).

Phone: (804) 342-0012
Location: 2818 W Broad St suite a, Richmond, VA 23230

Learn German with Me:

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