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An online program helping you understand the grammar changes that popular apps and software don’t explain.

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You Need Vocabulary
And Grammar:

Turn Your Confusion
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Get unstuck and start creating
German sentences on your own.

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Inside the German Foundations® program

Bite-sized, ‘Real Deal’ German Learning.

Most German-learning is one of two extremes:

1)way too much, way too fast (most classes)

2)info only superficially covered (most apps & software)

I teach you in bite-sized lessons to greatly reduce overwhelm.

I also teach you what you NEED to know to get you speaking German correctly, comfortably and confidently … ASAP.

Finally Make Sense of ‘Random’ Grammar Changes

✅ Gain access to my latest 1-of-a-kind proprietary learning tools.
✅ Master using these as I walk you through them step-by-step.
✅ Truly internalize the info thanks to plenty of practice exercises.

Gain access to above resource materials -and walkthroughs and drills- inside German Foundations®.

Plenty of Practice.

Physically writing out answers increases retention (and it’s fun).

Included in the course are 3 resources:

1. Resource Guide
2. Workbook
3. Answer Key

Print out the included PDF or purchase the physical version.

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