Finally learn hard-to-grasp German grammar concepts by leveraging English grammar!

  • Quickly take your German to the next level.
  • Discover the patterns behind German grammar.
  • Feel more comfortable, capable, and confident.

Get MUCH clearer on …

Those confusing tiny changes

How to use 'case' correctly

German vs. English word order

… and get plenty of hands-on practice!

“I can’t believe no one explained this to me in years of taking all sorts of German courses.”

“Until now, I’d found it difficult to keep up with the grammar terminology that I hadn’t touched since grade school”

“By discussing the similarities and differences between German and English, I was able to put all my other German studying into a cohesive framework”


Q. What's the time commitment?

Many students complete the course within the first day or two of signing up.
Others chip away doing about 15-20 minutes / day for a week.

Q. What if I already know English grammar pretty well?

If you can readily define nouns, pronouns, subject, object, etc., and if you can dissect and label the components of a sentence, you might not need this course.

Q. What if I hardly know English grammar at all?

Don’t worry! I explain everything you need to know in order to relate the more central English grammar concepts to the German ones.

🤔 … Why wouldn’t you sign up for free today?

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