Get Unstuck with German Grammar

English Grammar for German Learners:

A FREE video mini-course that teaches German grammar concepts by leveraging English grammar!

  • Brush up on English grammar terminology
  • Learn German grammar through an English lens
  • Connect the dots between previous sticking points
  • Feel more comfortable, capable, and confident

You were on a roll with Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, or another app or course …

THEN, you start guessing.

“They’re not explaining why these words are changing! 😩

Der den dem die das des?!
Kleine kleines kleinen kleinem kleiner?!”


👆 Sound like you?

Finally understand those changes.
Sign up for my FREE course now!

“Until now, I’d found it difficult to keep up with the grammar terminology that I hadn’t touched since grade school”

“By discussing the similarities and differences between German and English, I was able to put all my other German studying into a cohesive framework”

“I can’t believe no one explained this to me in years of taking all sorts of German courses.”


Q. What's the time commitment?

Many students complete the course within the first day or two of signing up.
Others chip away doing about 15-20 minutes / day for a week.

Q. What if I already know English grammar pretty well?

If you can readily define nouns, pronouns, subject, object, etc., and if you can dissect and label the components of a sentence, you might not need this course.

Q. What if I hardly know English grammar at all?

Don’t worry! I explain everything you need to know in order to relate the more central English grammar concepts to the German ones.

🤔 … Why wouldn’t you sign up for free today?

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