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You’re Not Alone!

Learning German would be SO MUCH easier if you had enjoyed English in school, right? So many of us had bad experiences with English classes and never felt like we truly ‘got it’ (even though we obviously speak English just fine!). Or, even if we did well with English grammar in our school days, for most of us, that was a loooooong time ago!

I have good news for you:

Learning German as an adult, you actually have major advantages over children (<– it’s totally a myth that children learn languages faster / better than adults). This free course helps you leverage your subconscious understanding of English grammar and sets you up for major success in learning German.

Here’s how MANY feel about English grammar:

“I kept getting hung up on German grammar until I realized my problem is my weakness in English grammar”

“English was one of my worst subjects in school”

“[When trying to learn German] I found it difficult to keep up with all the grammar terminology. I hadn’t heard many of those terms since elementary school”

You may be surprised at just how far a little refresher course like mine will take you!

Course contents

In just 5 lesson videos, you’ll learn the core grammar concepts and terminology that you need to know in order to efficiently and effectively learn German grammar.

You’ll refresh (or, as some students have told me, actually learn well for the very first time!) truly just what you need to know, when and how you need to know it. 

This free course also includes 2 step-by-step practice videos to further cement your new understanding of the central mechanics of standard English sentences.

Get ready to discover that English classes can actually be pretty darn interesting and that you’re not that bad at English grammar after all!

Time commitment and access

This course is designed to take around 1 week to complete, BUT I’m giving you free access to the entire ‘English Grammar for German Learners’ for 2 weeks so you have ample time to even review portions of it a second time if you need to!


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