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An online video course that teaches you the principles & patterns of German grammar so you can put sentences together ON YOUR OWN.

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They try out Duolingo or the like for a couple weeks (or even months or years), but definitely don’t learn foundational concepts.

YOU, however, have taken an important step toward actually learning German for real.

However …


Case in point:
Any of these sound familiar?


You’ve been trying to learning German but still don’t quite ‘get it’.


You’re memorizing vocabulary, but can't piece a sentence together.


You don’t understand slight changes you're seeing on the ends of words.


You’re learning ‘piecemeal’ and don’t have a solid plan for learning German.
These problems are affecting countless German learners ...

...and is EXACTLY why I created German Foundations.

Conquer your German grammar sticking points.


Stop just memorizing and learn how to string your own sentences together.

Finally understand the patterns & principles behind why those words are changing!

Relax. 🙂 I'll take you step-by-step through my time-tested process to learn German grammar the smart way.
Comfortably speak, read and write in German
Confidently travel or move to Germany
Connect with your German heritage.
Connect with family & friends
Be the tour guide for family or friends visiting Germany
Better relate with your son or daughter living abroad
Show respect to new (or soon-to-be) German relatives
Open up work opportunities
Get that special promotion -- the time is now!
Feel capable of living and working in Germany
Earn the respect of colleagues and better fit in
Sound like THE DREAM?
Then we NEED to talk about German Foundations ...

German Foundations is NOT just another pointless, time-sucking re-hash of the other classes or apps you’ve already tried.

German Foundations is NOT the dry, boring memorization of charts and tables you don’t really understand (and that you use a crutch!).

German Foundations is NOT just overwhelming theory with too few practice examples and opportunities to really apply the information. 

German Foundations is an online course that teaches you the patterns and principles behind German grammar so you can put sentences together ON YOUR OWN.
What Course Graduates say:
If I could rewind 15 years of spotty exposure to German, the German Foundations course with Laura is where I'd begin. Her emphasis on patterns (to determine gender, endings, cases) helps demystify how the language works and the exercises/quizzes that reinforce these patterns help build the confidence learners need to use German correctly. This course is an absolute must for German language learners at any point in their journey: beginner, intermediate, advanced, who feel at all uncertain about their foundational understanding of German grammar.
Liz Anne
German Foundations Graduate
I tried learning with Duolingo and realized I’m not going to be able to speak on my own learning this way. This course has helped me learn the core pillars of German.
German Foundations Graduate
I liked the ‘learn at your own pace’ style and the structured format. It’s a great course for learning the building blocks of German sentence structure to then build on.
German Foundations Graduate
Laura's really helped me feel a lot more comfortable with my beginner vocabulary by giving me the 'why' behind how German grammar works.
German Foundations Graduate
I’ve always wanted to learn German and was skeptical about taking an online course, but the course setup and help Laura provided was well done.
German Foundations Graduate
If you want to learn German in a classroom-like setting and don’t feel like you have to be in a room learning with other people, this is the next best thing.
German Foundations Graduate
In my school days, I hated language classes. But I really enjoyed Laura's course! Her demeanor and step-by-step, clear, logical explanations made German Foundations a pleasant experience beyond my initial reservations. I would recommend this course to anyone anytime!
German Foundations Graduate
German Foundations was great! I appreciated Laura's teaching style -- it's so different from what's usually taught in books... Through the process I’ve learned to approach German with a new perspective and I come away from the course with many golden nuggets (e.g. the All-In-One Declension Chart) that I wouldn't have otherwise known about!
German Foundations Graduate
My experience in your German Foundations course was absolutely wonderful. The way Laura constructed the materials into easily digestible content isn’t something I’ve seen in a language course before.
German Foundations Graduate
Laura will ignite your German learning journey. Her German Foundations course has made the subject approachable and understandable for me, providing a framework for tackling noun plurals and declensions. If you're looking for an intro course that builds comprehension and confidence, look no further. Fantastisch!
German Foundations Graduate
Laura’s German Fundamentals class is a blessing for anyone, like me, who’s struggled to learn German many times. I tried nearly every language app on the market, but all I gained was a list of vocabulary and a bunch of random phrases. Laura provides a very useful set of structures to help you understand how German words are “shaped”—and she does it in a format that’s inviting and allows me to go at my own pace. Laura’s instruction is friendly, attentive, and accessible. She’s a language student’s dream!
German Foundations Graduate
When I first came across Laura’s courses, I dawdled over committing. I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to pay the price for the course because I didn’t know if it was right for me. Laura went above and beyond to provide me with as much information as possible on the course before committing and that helped out a lot. Upon completing it, I am very happy I did. German grammar can be very tricky and the way Laura presents it is very helpful and this course has definitely helped me advance in my learning! She is also very pleasant to speak with and provides great feedback on everything German language related.
German Foundations Graduate
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Receive access to my latest reference charts (<– not available through anyone else!) combined into an easy-to-use PDF. Throughout the course, I teach you the magic of these charts and how they will lend you German-learning superpowers!

Inside the guide:

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So, what exactly is inside
German Foundations?
Click to view the lessons in each module.
  • Welcome to German Foundations –  2 mins – Preview
  • Myths – 8 mins – Preview
  • Course overview – 4 mins –Preview
  • The #1 goal – 4 mins – Preview
  • How to get the most out of this course – 10 mins – Get access
  • How this course works – 7 mins – Get access
  • Required course materials – Get access
  •  Why are you here? – 8 mins – Get access
  •  Noun plurals overview – 11 mins – Get access
  • Train Stop #1: Noun endings – 7 mins – Get access
  • Train Stop #2: Feminine and ‘weak’ nouns – 6 mins – Get access
  • Train Stop #3: English loanwords – 6 mins – Get access
  • Train Stop #4: Monosyllables – 4 mins – Get access
  • Train Stop #5: Last stop! – 4 mins – Get access
  • Noun plurals recap – 8 mins – Get access
  • Practicing plurals project A – 18 mins – Get access
  • Practicing plurals project B – 23 mins – Get access
  • ✏️ Noun plurals – extra practice
  • Noun cases overview – 6 mins – Get access
  • Noun roles – 8 mins – Get access
  • ✏️ Noun roles practice – 11 mins – Get access
  • Slots & cases – 9 mins – Get access
  • ✏️ Slots & cases practice – 12 mins – Get access
  • Determiners & adjectives – 14 mins – Get access
  • ✏️ Determiners & adjectives practice – 10 mins – Get access
  • Endings for determiners & adjectives – 16 mins – Get access
  • ✏️ Endings for determiners & adjectives practice – 10 mins – Get access
  • Recap – 10 mins – Get access
  • How this simplifies – 11 mins – Get access
  • Declension patterns overview – 8 mins – Get access
  • Declension pattern #1 – 10 mins – Get access
  • Declension pattern #2 – 10 mins – Get access
  • ✏️ Declension patterns 1 vs 2 – 16 mins – Get access
  • ✏️ Shaping the entire block – 16 mins – Get access
  • Recap – 3 mins – Get access
  • ✏️ Declension patterns – extra practice – Get access

Hallo! I’m Laura Bennett.

Learning German is hard enough without needing to also figure out on your own what or how you should learn. Let me be your guide!

I’ll teach you tips & tricks that will help you finally make sense of noun gender, plurals, declensions, cases, and other foundational aspects of German grammar.

Course content has been curated from my 12+ years of teaching so that you can learn the principles & patterns of German as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Too often, it takes students YEARS before they make real progress because they don’t understand the essential grammar structures of German.


Purchase German Foundations today, watch my lesson videos, and learn German grammar with renewed confidence.


Who is this course for?
  • You just want to learn some fun words and phrases and not actually be able to independently understand, speak, read, or write in German.
  • You aren’t willing to dedicate to the work and practice.
  • You already have a solid vocabulary (2000+ words) and have no trouble correctly assigning noun gender or plural.
  • You already have the case system and declensions mastered (i.e. make no errors and don’t need to reference charts).
  • You want to understand the grammatical changes happening when you try to learn with Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, etc.

  • You want to actually be able to string together your own sentences in German without just parroting phrases.

  • You want to build a solid foundation that amplifies all your future learning — saving you time, money, and frustration.

  • You want to learn German with a clear, structured format but with the flexibility your schedule requires.
Most Asked Questions & FAQ:
This looks great, but I'm already taking another course...

It’s tempting to hope that any German course is as good as another … but plenty of students have discovered that’s not the case (did you read the testimonials above^^?).

Whenever you’re ready to discover a smarter way to learn German grammar than through the conventional methods you’ll find about anywhere else, German Foundations is the course for you. 

German Foundations is truly so foundational, that many students still use it to fill in their grammar gaps after years of studying German.

So, you’re already locked into that other course? If you take German Foundations at the same time (it’s self-paced, so there’s no stress!),  your improved understanding of German grammar will help you maximum your other learning!

What if I get behind or
can't stick to a regular schedule?

Since this is a self-paced course with a merely recommended schedule, there’s no such thing as truly falling behind. 

Sure, regular learning is a worthy goal to be pursued, but that’s not always life and sometimes we have to fit things into the cracks!

Follow the schedule of one module per week the best that you can, but don’t be hesitant to adjust to your own needs.

The best learning is relaxed, not-stressed-out learning. 🙂 

FAQ Continued

There are the conventional methods that you can buy on every proverbial street corner, but maybe you’ve tried those already … 

I’m a bit of a rebel, so I’ve created a way of teaching German that is significantly outside-the-box. I’ve designed various charts and graphics to explain topics from noun plurals to the case system that you truly won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re brand-new to German and can benefit from learning smarter (not harder) from the get-go OR you’ve been struggling to master German grammar for some time with limited results, what have you got to lose? My course is fully guaranteed for your satisfaction! 

The proof is in the pudding! I have so many students who — after taking German Foundations — finally feel as if they’ve got a handle on German. And you can, too!

If you dedicate yourself to this course full time, you could likely get it done in a couple weeks. Otherwise, most students complete the course in 6-10 weeks. 

This is the beauty of this course. The videos, quizzes, practice exercises, and other resources are always there for you if want to rewatch a particular lesson or module.

Of course, this will vary immensely by how much work you put in. Some students start getting the hang of it immediately; others might need months of consistent practice before enjoying their consistent ‘eureka’ moments. 

This is PERFECT for a beginner!!! It will teach you the SMART way to learn from the get-go, which will save you heaps of time, energy, and money. 

I love helping students solve the German grammar mysteries and confusions they’ve wrestled with for years … but I’m always extra happy for those students who are fortunate enough to learn things the right way from the very start. 

Probably not. :-p  ‘Heritage’ students (<– who grew up speaking some German with their native parents) and students with even bachelor’s or master’s degrees in German have been glad they took German Foundations! 

YES! Apps such as Duolingo do very little to teach you the essential grammar structures of German. 

If you learn the core principles & patterns of German grammar with me, you’ll be able to actually put to use the vocabulary you continue learning with Duolingo!

YES! German Foundations will super-charge any other resources you use to learn German. Why? Because … 

Most courses, apps, etc. either don’t really teach grammar concepts at all OR they teach using subpar conventional methods that are relatively inefficient and ineffective.

The tips & tricks you’ll learn in German Foundations will help you learn the ‘smarter, not harder’ way. 

Simply click the ‘3 payments’ option, enter in your information, and you’ll be automatically billed — once right away and then again for the next 2 months. 

Yes! Just click the ‘buy’ button and select the ‘PayPal’ option after you click through.


If you’ve made it this far, this course is probably exactly what you need.

If you want to join, here’s what to do next. 

  1. Click the button.
  2. Make your payment.
  3. Login.
  4. Start the course.
  5. Start making sense of German grammar!

Have a question?
Contact me anytime.

*Full refund applies ONLY if you ask for the refund within the first 14 days after receiving the course.


NOTE: I try to keep this page continually updated, but the course may be modified at any time.

– German with Laura 2020

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