My 3-Step Framework for
Successfully Learning German:

Step #1: Leverage the knowledge you already have.

Did you know that adults actually learn faster than children?

Almost EVERYONE thinks children have a huge advantage in learning a language, but, hour-to-hour, adults actually learn in less time (it’s just usually more spread out because, you know, we have jobs and stuff).

As adults, our huge leg-up in learning a foreign language is that we intuitively understand (and correctly use) the grammatical structures of our native language on a daily basis.

Our only problem, then, is that we probably haven’t touched grammar terminology since middle school, so we’re a bit rusty on our conscious understanding of English grammar (what IS an adverb anyway?)!

It’s no wonder that learning the grammar concepts behind German –let alone the terminology– can get intimidating, confusing, and overwhelming FAST.

But I have good news: all you need is a brief English grammar refresher to get you set up for straight-forward German-learning success.

Step #2: Build the right foundation.

Although it can seem unglamorous, first taking the time to understand how German works (before focusing on vocabulary) will save you a lot of time, mistakes, and hassle. 

Trying to understand the structures of German (i.e. German grammar!) on your own can feel impossible. But a good guide will show you that there is actually a lot of rhyme and reason fueling all those crazy little changes that have likely been puzzling you.

Learning the overarching principles and underlying patterns of how German works empowers you to then go on to learn vocabulary and actually be able to use it! 

My flagship ‘German Foundations’ course helps you connect the dots and systematically learn the structures of German that you absolutely must know in order to be proficient (even fluent!).

Are you ready to learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts that take the pain out of learning German grammar? ‘German Foundations’ is the grammar course for you!

Step #3: Branching out the smart way

Most German learners make the mistake of starting with learning random vocabulary words only to find that they can’t actually string those words together!

If you’ve followed my first 2 steps and have leveraged your learning advantage as an adult AND have built the right [grammar!] foundation, THEN you are ready to work hard-core on vocabulary (preferably thematically). 

This 3rd step  (which can last months or even years) is also where you shift focus to start working more on the classic skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking (<– again, areas that German learners frequently pursue too soon). 

After you’ve taken my ‘German Foundations’ course, you’ll be set up to much more effectively learn on your own. BUT if you choose to continue studying with me, I have various courses that will help you branch out the smart way!

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