German Fundamentals

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For Actually Learning German

Course Benefits

  • Step-by-step lessons

Relax and follow my lead! I walk you through everything systematically with clear directions.

  • Better than a classroom

Digest material via bite-sized course videos at your own pace, when & where it’s convenient.

  • Demystify the language

Discover the core concepts of how German works so you can truly learn German.

  • Never feel stuck

Ask me a question or for feedback anytime during the week or on our weekly live call.

This is for you if you want to...

  • learn more than a couple 'travel German' phrases
  • have a classroom-like experience, but from your home
  • expand beyond limited apps or learning software
  • move past previous struggles of trying to learn German
  • build a solid foundation that amplifies all your future learning
  • actually learn German, but with the flexibility your life demands

Discover the core German concepts you need to actually learn the language.

As native English speakers, we didn’t grow up learning how to learn another language. Most of us think learning German is a simple matter of learning individual vocabulary and then stringing it together just like we would in English (I wish!). This course is all about learning the underlying structure of German (hint: many principles and patterns are different!) so that you can learn to speak German like a German.

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What Course Graduates say:

If you want to learn German in a classroom-like setting and don’t feel like you have to be in a room learning with other people, this is the next best thing.
German Fundamentals Graduate
I’ve always wanted to learn German and was skeptical about taking an online course, but the course setup and help Laura provided was well done.
German Fundamentals Graduate
Laura's really helped me feel a lot more comfortable with my beginner vocabulary by giving me the 'why' behind how German grammar works.
German Fundamentals Graduate

It's not just a class,
it's an entire course package.

Package Feature #1

Core German concepts made accessible

Learning German is hard enough without needing to also figure out on your own what or how you should learn. Let me be your guide! The curriculum in this course has been curated from my 12+ years of teaching so that you can learn essential German concepts as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

  • 6 graduated modules broken into bite-sized lessons for better comprehension
  • Watch and rewatch the 40+ pre-recorded lessons according to your needs
  • Designed to be one module a week or approximately one lesson per weekday
  • Short quizzes after lessons help ensure you are understanding key concepts

Module breakdown:

  • Noun Gender
  • Noun Plurals
  • The Case System
  • Nominative Declensions
  • Accusative & Dative Declensions
  • Introduction to Verbs

Package Feature #2

My essential German resource guide

german resource guide COVER - german fundamentals

Receive access to my latest reference charts combined into an easy-to-use PDF. Throughout the course, I teach you the power of these charts and how they will lend you German-learning superpowers!

  • navigate powerful charts that help you unlock the mysteries of the German language
  • continue reaping the fruits of these charts long after you complete the course
  • feel more confident & empowered to supercharge your future German studies

Inside the guide:

  • Noun Gender Endings & Groups
  • How to Navigate Plural Rules
  • Complete Declension Patterns
  • All-In-One Declensions Chart
  • Verb Conjugation Tools

Package Feature #3

The classroom+ experience

My course combines the best of independent, online learning with the central benefits of a classic classroom experience so you can maximize your learning.


  • Anytime Access when you feel stuck: reach out & I'll respond that day!*
  • Weekly live video calls for additional support & practice*
  • Grow along with an enthusiastic community of German learners*

* Anytime Access and weekly calls available for 6 weeks after start of course. Lifetime participation in our online community! I’m able to respond within 24hrs the vast majority of the time.

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German Fundamentals
Course package

$ 247
  • 6 modules on core German concepts
  • 40+ bite-sized instructional videos
  • Comprehension checks after lessons
  • German Resource Guide PDF
  • Anytime Access if you feel stuck
  • Interactive weekly live video calls
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    NOTE: I try to keep this page continually updated, but the course may be modified at any time.

    – German with Laura 2019