Branching out the smart way

Super-charge your German-learning

Most German learners make the mistake of kicking off their learning by drilling random vocabulary words. Then, they start noticing all these small changes happening to various words and don’t have a clue what’s going on.

If you start by leveraging your advantages as an adult learner (my step #1) and then take the time to build the right [grammar!] foundation (my step #2), then you are properly set up to work on building [thematic!] vocabulary as well as other skills here in Step #3.

How to learn German well

Just like a baby learns to understand, speak, read, and write in particular sequences and stages, so, too, are there better, more systematic ways for us to learn a foreign language!

If you want to learn smarter (not harder), it’s key to start Step #3 off with the easiest skills first and work up to the hardest ones. This means, for example, to focus on reading comprehension before listening comprehension, and on writing before speaking.

Again, this is the opposite of how most German learners think they’re ‘supposed’ to learn. Most try to start formulating their own spoken sentences right away and end up just solidifying lots of mistakes that are hard to correct down the road.

Continue learning with me

My German courses following Step #2 (German Foundations) are still in their beta versions, but here is a sketch of what you as a German Foundations graduate will experience when you continue studying with me:

  • enjoy using popular beginner-intermediate German readers that set the stage for the thematic vocabulary and additional grammar topics we cover together.
  • continue solidifying the essential structures covered in German Foundations while systematically branching out to learn the remaining 20% of German structures.
  • practice practical everyday vocabulary within context (e.g. themed writing assignments) vs. irrelevant and ineffective drills.
  • improve your pronunciation and accent (and, in general, get comfortable speaking German) by reading texts aloud vs. prematurely trying to create your own utterances rife with errors.
  • continue having ‘Anytime Access’ to ask me questions whenever you may get stuck.
  • benefit from being part of a community of enthusiastic German learners following the same process and achieving their goals!

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